Girl Scouts announce online cookie sales

By Kevin Allen | Posted: December 18, 2015
Gluttons rejoice: Girl Scout cookies are available online.

The organization launched a website called Digital Cookie 2.0, which will allow customers to use a code from a scout to purchase their Thin Mints, Tagalongs and more.

Previously, Girl Scout cookies would take a month or so to arrive. With online ordering, those puppies arrive in three to five business days.

The Huffington Post explained your options:

Per usual, each chapter begins cookie sales on a different date: Check online to see when your local chapter opens for business and if it offers the online service. If not, you can always purchase at a tantalizing walk-up booth.

Reactions online have been largely positive:




It makes sense that Girl Scouts would expand the program. When the organization introduced online ordering last December, it sold a reported 2.5 million boxes—$10 million worth—of cookies.

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