Infographic: How to allocate your 2019 marketing budget

By Ted Kitterman | Posted: October 30, 2018

How much will you spend on digital marketing in 2019?

As online advertising gobbles up increasingly larger shares of marketing budgets, PR and marketing pros have to reevaluate their spending allocations.

Where should today’s pros invest their precious marketing dollars?

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This infographic from NCC Home Learning offers statistics to guide your budgeting for the coming year and beyond.

Those stats include:

  • About half (48 percent) of marketers plan to add YouTube efforts in the coming year.
  • Most (53 percent) say blog content creation is a top inbound marketing priority.
  • Nearly all (92 percent) say social media is essential to their marketing plan.

To inform your budgeting sessions and decide where your money will be best spent, consider the full infographic below.