David Ogilvy's 10 tips for clear, concise writing'
David Wright Smith
David Ogilvy's 10 tips for clear, concise writing In 1982, the "father of advertising" wrote a memo to his employees about how to write well. His advice in that memo is relevant today.

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Upgrade your brand with the ACE Awards
Prove that you’re Achieving Communications Excellence. Nominate yourself, a colleague, your team or your agency. The final deadline is Nov. 21.
Russell Working
7 ways to sell your leaders on brand journalism
Tell them it will boost your organization’s voice, establish them as industry leaders and help you recruit and retain staff. Plus, it’ll make your own job a lot more fun.
Wendy Marx
10 measurement essentials for PR
Execs want ROI for just about every penny. That’s easy if 26 cents of materials translates to 73 cents’ worth of product. Public relations is less tangible. Tap these metrics to show your value.
Rachel Parker
5 ways to create your own video studio
After identifying a space and testing your sound, it’s time to gear up. Here’s the skinny on what you’ll need to start shooting like a pro.
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The 5 most popular stories on PR Daily this week
This week, PR Daily readers were interested in essential digital marketing tools, Google Drive secrets, what communicators can learn from Stan Lee and more.
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Report: When marketing to seniors, drop the humor and emotional pleas
More and more consumers ages 55 and above are using streaming services, smart speakers, mobile devices and other tools—but are impervious to ads that tug on viewers’ heart strings.
Ted Kitterman
Infographic: How to get the most from your Google Drive
Working with a remote team can pose logistics problems for communicators, but Google has tools to help you overcome any barrier. Consider these options.
Katie Robbert
How to use data to guide your 2019 planning
Your year-end strategy sessions won’t seem so daunting if you stay on top of data collection and measurement. These tools and tactics can help you analyze your effectiveness and set a course.
Irene Malatesta
9 tools to keep the content flowing
Time that could be spent writing can be devoured by a lack of organization. Here are 10 tools to keep you focused and on-track.
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Ragan Training makes it easy to offer new ideas
Answering the call for a fresh approach can be as simple as a yearly subscription. Become a member by June 15 to save $300!
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Could your personal brand use an upgrade?
Enter the ACE Awards to prove you’re Achieving Communications Excellence. The final deadline is Nov. 21.
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Hasbro’s ‘Millennial Monopoly’ sparks backlash online
The company defended its decision to make the satirical edition of the popular game, saying some of its staff are young professionals.
Aaron Agius
Why less is more on social media
Constant posting to social media might scratch an itch, but there are more valuable ways to be spending that time.
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Why these experts think going viral is overrated
Join us at Disney World and discover how to create lasting engagement on today’s top platforms.
Beki Winchel
Juul quits social media and restricts flavors ahead of FDA action
The electronic cigarette company is looking to build trust, if not avoid upcoming government regulations.