David Ogilvy's 10 tips for clear, concise writing'
David Wright Smith
David Ogilvy's 10 tips for clear, concise writing In 1982, the "father of advertising" wrote a memo to his employees about how to write well. His advice in that memo is relevant today.

Kevin Allen
What content should be made into videos?
As the pivot to video consumes social media channels, it can be a challenge for organizations to make quality products for their channels. Here is how to get the most from your videos.
Beki Winchel
Thanksgiving PR turns to crazy turkey recipes, ‘internet escape pods’ and more
Brand managers are hoping to interact with consumers who are gearing up to enjoy the holiday feast—and many are hoping to stand out with wacky recipes, products and more.
Kara Vanskike
3 tips for success as a one-person communications team
Whether you’re self-taught or extensively schooled in industry practices, flying solo has significant challenges. Try these approaches to avoiding turbulence and landing your messages.
PR Daily Staff
Make your corporate communications anything but boring
Add creative techniques and tactics to your communications toolbox during our upcoming virtual summit.
Matthew Royse
How to ensure your hashtags have the maximum effect
You fret endlessly about optimizing content, SEO and visual design. Are you putting the same amount of effort into this ubiquitous digital calling card?
PR Daily Staff
Join the ranks of PR Daily Award winners
It’s your time to shine, PR pros. We have more than 30 categories in this year’s competition, ranging from CSR campaigns to publicity stunts. The next deadline is Dec. 1.
Susan Guillory
6 questions you should ask when measuring earned media
Your strategy is meaningless if it isn’t grounded in solid reporting on relevant metrics. See this guide on how to build your reports to provide accurate feedback.
Stephen Waddington
10 essential elements of a PR plan
Start by identifying your objective. Then, define your measurements, establish your target audience, and craft your strategy.
Beki Winchel
3 PR and marketing lessons from CarMax’s answer to viral video
The used-car retailer recently used YouTube to grab its the spotlight after a filmmaker’s humorous attempt to sell his partner’s car made waves online.
John M. Cowan
Hair-raising events promote men’s health in ‘Movember’
Here’s a look at what communicators and medical organizations have put together in support of the annual mustache-focused campaign.
Darshan Mehta
4 guiding questions for reaching millennials
Insights from recent marketing blunders can help marketers target this diverse audience. Here are questions communicators must answer when approaching this unique demographic.
PR Daily Staff
How a little Disney magic can help you find social media success
Get social media expertise from experts at Amazon, Vox.com and the mouse himself—join us at Disney World.
PR Daily Staff
Comms industry newcomers are in demand
Ragan & PR Daily’s 2017 Ace Awards will honor industry professionals, their teams and PR agencies across all disciplines. The final deadline is Nov. 22.
Nick Morgan
10 annoying habits that undermine good speeches
The author's pet peeves include air quotes and self-quotation. Which of these behaviors are driving your listeners batty without your even realizing it?
Becky Honeyman
How to use your PR background at Thanksgiving
Your next crisis might be more personal in nature. Here is how your crisis communications background can be a benefit during the holidays.