Goodbye, SEO: PR is the new king'
Mickie Kennedy
Goodbye, SEO: PR is the new king Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and spammy links. Recent changes to Google's algorithm places value on well written, relevant content.  

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How PR pros can use Google Analytics to target audiences, measure and more
Here’s how you can use the tool to reveal information about your website’s visitors and show how campaigns perform, which you can use to shape future messages and boost your efforts.
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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
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Russell Working
7 PR wins for the first half of 2018
A Pacific atoll promotes tourism with an environmental pledge. A gun control campaign launches nationwide school walkouts. An air disaster draws praise for the pilot.
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In the ever-changing health care industry, how does your organization stand out?
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4 tactics for combating marketing blindness
Viewers eyes stop registering images that are too frequently repeated. Try these tactics to get around your audience’s psychological shortcuts.
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Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards finalists
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How to get your marketing solution in front of prospective clients
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Uber CEO on federal probe: ‘Sometimes it takes a punch in the face’
The ride-booking company is being investigated for gender discrimination, and top officers have been under fire or resigned for inappropriate behavior. Its chief exec admits there’s a problem.
Amanda Athuraliya
10 writing mistakes that ensure your guest post won’t get published
These common missteps can significantly decrease your chances of seeing your words in print. They won’t do much to help you win the favor of those you pitch, either.
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The smart storytelling techniques you should try this year
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Adidas pledges to use recycled plastic as WeWork bans meat
The organizations’ recent announcements are both aimed at being more environmentally friendly, but the vegetarian focus was criticized.
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How to make Hollywood-quality videos without a blockbuster budget
The experts at Google and Cisco share their tips for creating cost-effective videos that get results.