10 digital tools recommended by social media pros'
Hana Bieliauskas
10 digital tools recommended by social media pros Whether you’re editing videos, looking for quick ways to get news, building a social media contest, or simply making your pages more visually appealing, these tools can help.

Michael Brenner
7 tips to develop your employees as brand ambassadors
Start by empowering the social media stars you have on staff. Make it simple for others to join by curating content, and motivate their participation.
Danielle Cyr
4 stumbles that keep influencers from engaging with your brand
Perhaps that person’s niche doesn’t align with your organization, or maybe you just plowed ahead into your pitch without forging a relationship. Learn from these common missteps.
Beki Winchel
Elon Musk challenges reporters by suggesting news-ranking website
The executive has been refuting poor coverage of Tesla, and in his latest tweetstorm, criticized news outlets for being hypocrites. How will the move affect his own credibility?
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Is your content memorable?
Enter PR Daily’s 2018 Content Marketing Awards. Save $50 when you enter by June 13.
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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
Employees favor a career that values life outside the cubicle. Find out which organizations provide a primo work-life balance, and then peruse our list of current openings.
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The skill all communicators need in 2018
Organizations rely on you not only to engage audiences but also manage risks. Are you prepared?
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Share the causes and campaigns your organization champions
Enter PR Daily’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. We’ve extended the deadline to May 30.
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3 executive communications roadblocks that are more common than you think
Join experts this fall and learn how to craft authentic communications that connect executives to stakeholders.
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Enter PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards
More than 20 categories offer you the chance to prove your PR prowess. The late submission deadline is May 23.
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Tesla CEO takes to Twitter to counter Consumer Reports review
The publication wouldn’t give the car maker’s Model 3 a recommendation, citing issues with brakes and problems with ride quality. Elon Musk attempted to sway readers with tweets.
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In the ever-changing health care industry, how does your organization stand out?
Enter one of 18 categories in Ragan’s 2018 Heath Care PR and Marketing Awards.
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Did you nurse your PR strategy back to good health?
Enter Ragan’s 2018 Health Care PR & Marketing Awards. Don’t miss the final deadline on May 23.
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5 tips for using influencers to alleviate a crisis
When working to preserve your reputation and respond honestly to a PR catastrophe, your social media connections can save the day. Here’s what PR pros should know.
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5 moments that will make a social media pro’s day
Likes and retweets are nice, but joining industry experts at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters is even better.
Ted Kitterman
Star Wars’ Solo partners with Solo Cup
As fans wait excitedly for the swashbuckling tale of a young space rascal, brand managers are hitching their spaceships to this star in hopes of marketing gold.