10 digital tools recommended by social media pros'
Hana Bieliauskas
10 digital tools recommended by social media pros Whether you’re editing videos, looking for quick ways to get news, building a social media contest, or simply making your pages more visually appealing, these tools can help.

Ted Kitterman
Infographic: A guide to Instagram’s IGTV
With all the hype about Instagram’s long-form video channel, PR pros of all stripes are looking to get their content on the platform. Consider these insights before uploading your video.
Beki Winchel
Twitter chief: ‘We need to remove all bias’ from enforcement decisions
The executive was criticized after his most recent interview, in which he admitted that even though he and his company are ‘left-leaning,’ that bias doesn’t show in policy enforcement.
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3 attendees share why you shouldn’t miss our summit at Microsoft HQ
Join us this fall for the 10th annual Employee Communications, PR and Social Media Summit.
Mike Atkinson
5 tips for policing your Twitter profile
As many have discovered, old tweets can resurface to haunt your future. Follow these steps to make sure there are no embarrassing statements lurking in your online profile.
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Was video the secret to your nonprofit’s success?
Submit your video to PR Daily’s 2018 Nonprofit Awards. The final extended deadline is Aug. 31.
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3 executive communications roadblocks that are more common than you think
Join experts this fall and learn how to craft authentic communications that connect executives to stakeholders.
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Social media pros tweet zingers for ‘National Tell a Joke Day’
Many brand managers participated in the trending topic on Twitter, whether it was to share a pun related to their organizations’ offerings or to slam competitors and drive engagement.
Michelle Garrett
Why PR and digital marketing are connected—and how to capitalize
Getting your message out these days requires a mix of savvy ad placements, targeted social media campaigns and boatloads of content. Here’s why your marketing and PR efforts should coordinate.
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The smart storytelling techniques you should try this year
Join us in San Jose this fall and learn how Intel, ESPN, Aflac and more craft content audiences can’t resist.
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The 5 most popular stories on PR Daily this week
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Infographic: What content do users love to share on social media?
Understanding audience behaviors—and what they’re likely to redistribute—can increase website traffic and publicity. See this guide to create more shareable content.
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Video success is closer than you think
Video: Justin Allen explains what you’ll gain from a video audit.
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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
Take a deep breath and celebrate National Relaxation Day with these stress-relieving tactics for communicators. Then, check out our roundup of current job openings.
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Don’t miss Friday’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards deadline
Enter PR Daily’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards in more than 20 categories. The late submission deadline is Aug. 17.
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Infographic: What brands should know about push notifications
These alerts are useful tools for reaching consumers on their mobile devices. How can your organization take advantage of this technology and reach remote audiences wherever they go?