39 ways to close your emails'
Laura Hale Brockway
39 ways to close your emails If you’re emailing a stranger, you might want to stick with traditional sign-offs, but if you’re close to the person you’re messaging, why not have a little fun with it?

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Upgrade your brand with the ACE Awards
Prove that you’re Achieving Communications Excellence. Nominate yourself, a colleague, your team or your agency. The final deadline is Nov. 21.
Mark Nichol
Mysteries solved! Secrets of the perplexing apostrophe
Whether it’s used in contractions or plural possessives—or omitted from plurals and possessive pronouns—this little curl can bring big headaches. Here are a few ounces of prevention.
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9 tools to keep the content flowing
Time that could be spent writing can be devoured by a lack of organization. Here are 10 tools to keep you focused and on-track.
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Ragan Training makes it easy to offer new ideas
Answering the call for a fresh approach can be as simple as a yearly subscription. Become a member by June 15 to save $300!
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Could your personal brand use an upgrade?
Enter the ACE Awards to prove you’re Achieving Communications Excellence. The final deadline is Nov. 21.
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Why these experts think going viral is overrated
Join us at Disney World and discover how to create lasting engagement on today’s top platforms.
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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
Nov. 15 is a spotlighted day to celebrate those contributing to positive causes, so we’re featuring philanthropy-related positions, plus a roundup of other job openings.
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Get free training and make your organization a communications icon
Help us and help yourself—host a Ragan conference or workshop and send your team for free.
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Your finance, fashion and education campaigns deserve recognition
Earn recognition for your impressive client or in-house communications work. Enter Ragan’s 2018 PR Daily Awards by Nov. 30.
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Guidance to craft data-rich storytelling
To persuade a skeptical audience, pack your pieces with useful information and compelling visuals. Here’s how to create more memorable messaging.
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Prove you’re the best in the PR business
Enter Ragan’s 2018 PR Daily Awards to showcase your innovative and impressive public relations work from the past year.
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Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Content Marketing Awards finalists
Congratulations to this year’s finalists. Look for our winners announcement.
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5 tricks to help your content go viral
You can’t predict what will be the latest internet fad, but you can position your content to hopefully catch the next wave of interest. Consider these insights.
Michael Moser
28 ‘good’ words derived from Greek and Latin
Sprinkle a smidgen of sophistication into your prose with these words shaped by classical roots.