39 ways to close your emails'
Laura Hale Brockway
39 ways to close your emails If you’re emailing a stranger, you might want to stick with traditional sign-offs, but if you’re close to the person you’re messaging, why not have a little fun with it?

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Join the ranks of PR Daily Award winners
It’s your time to shine, PR pros. We have more than 30 categories in this year’s competition, ranging from CSR campaigns to publicity stunts. The next deadline is Dec. 1.
Laura Hale Brockway
Can you spell these brain teasers?
Sometimes common parlance rarely appears in print—and spelling it correctly becomes a devilish puzzle. Here are some words you might know how to say, but not spell.
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Comms industry newcomers are in demand
Ragan & PR Daily’s 2017 Ace Awards will honor industry professionals, their teams and PR agencies across all disciplines. The final deadline is Nov. 22.
Robby Brumberg
Let the 4 ‘friendlys’ be your content creation guide
Make sure every piece you craft is tailored for mobile devices and short attention spans. Remove any potential friction for readers, and hey, lighten up.
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Ragan Training makes it easy to offer new ideas
Your bosses want change. Answering the call for a fresh approach can be as simple as a yearly subscription.
Amanda Clark
6 kinds of content that are bound to fail
If your piece is boring, brand-centric, salesy or written to no one in particular, brace for no impact.
Brendan Gannon
30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
You could help train the next social media superstar if you land this week’s featured position. Plus, check out our latest roundup of job openings.
Kevin Allen
15 tips for writing faster
The craft of writing can be a tradeoff between quality and quickness. This infographic has techniques for boosting your daily word count—without getting sloppy.
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Your impressive campaign metrics could earn you PR gold
The best campaigns will earn top honors in Ragan’s 2017 PR Daily Awards. We’ve extended the deadline until Dec. 1
Drew Grossman
How thank-you notes can transform your communications career
More than exhibiting good manners, taking time each day to express gratitude can enhance your sense of well-being and could even give you a second chance in a professional situation.
Christopher S. Penn
4 methods to jolt communications creativity
Generate fresh ideas with lateral thinking, perspective shifts and concept ‘porting.’ Also, try reading contrarian content.
Laura Hale Brockway
Gift ideas for writers and their co-workers
The season of gift giving has arrived. Here are 13 ideas for gag gifts and meaningful tokens to honor communicators and their more taciturn colleagues.
Daphne Gray-Grant
4 methods writers can use to develop mental toughness
Employing proper breathing techniques, maintaining a positive outlook and understanding the overriding purpose of your career can help you cultivate a resilient outlook.
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