39 ways to close your emails'
Laura Hale Brockway
39 ways to close your emails If you’re emailing a stranger, you might want to stick with traditional sign-offs, but if you’re close to the person you’re messaging, why not have a little fun with it?

Brendan Gannon
30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
You could work at one of our nation’s most historic sites with this week’s featured job: Ford’s Theatre seeks a communications associate. Plus, check out a roundup of open positions.
Laura Hale Brockway
16 email marketing terms PR pros should know
If you feel that you’d like a translator when your marketing colleagues speak, this glossary can get you up to speed.
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Share how you’re using video to drum up excitement for your organization. Enter Ragan’s 2017 Employee Communications Awards. The final deadline is Sept. 20.
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Comma chameleon: How it changes the color of your meaning
A look at the utility infielder of the punctuation team.
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Our industry experts want to write for you
Take advantage of Ragan’s decades of media experience to claim your corner of the market.
Beth Nyland
6 vital reasons you should write a horrible first draft
Perfectionism, at least when you’re first putting words on paper or on the screen, hinders creativity and free association. You can—and certainly should—edit later. For now, have fun.
PR Daily Staff
Innovation and killer content make a great intranet
Enter Ragan’s 2017 Intranet Awards to see how you stack up against your competition. Share the design, innovation and content that make your intranet an essential tool for all. The deadline is Sept. 20.
PR Daily Staff
3 inspiring communications tips from Microsoft, Amazon and Hulu
See how communicators at the world’s top companies overcome their challenges and surpass their goals.
PR Daily Staff
The smallest parts of your content strategy can make or break your campaign
What assets add credibility and creativity to your overall content strategy? PR Daily’s 2017 Content Marketing Awards is seeking amazing campaigns and the assets that made them successful, like video, infographics and more. Enter by Sept. 20
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Quiz: Are you stuck in a communications rut?
See how Ragan Consulting Group can help your organization transform the way it reaches audiences.
PR Daily Staff
Is your intranet up to date?
Share how your intranet makes day-to-day tasks easier. Enter Ragan’s 2017 Intranet Awards. Complete your entry by Sept. 20.
Brendan Gannon
30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
Take your career to the gridiron with this week’s featured job: NFL Media seeks an integrated marketing manager. Plus, a roundup of open positions.
PR Daily Staff
Build your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses
Ragan workshops provide daylong deep dives on your doorstep.
PR Daily Staff
Build brand loyalty using content marketing tools
Have you created content that keeps your customers coming back? Enter PR Daily’s 2017 Content Marketing Awards. Submit your entry by Sept. 20.
Mark Nichol
15 French terms that English speakers might be misusing
Though they’re not quite portmanteau, these words and phrases that derive from the Gallic tongue still warrant some unpacking.