Infographic: How small organizations can join the video craze

By Ted Kitterman | Posted: July 31, 2018

In 2018, if you aren’t posting videos, you’re working with one hand tied behind your back.

Video content, especially on social media, has been shown time and again to be a difference maker for online marketers. Videos increase engagement, hold audience attention and demonstrate professionalism and quality to potential consumers.

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Yet video has significant embedded costs in both staffing and equipment. The cost can be enough to keep smaller organizations from jumping in.

This infographic from Score asserts that video marketing is for everyone, not just large organizations with deep pockets and big marketing teams.

It cites these statistics:

  • Companies with an average annual income of less than $5 million produce just as many videos a month as companies with 50 times that revenue.
  • Seventy-one percent of consumers who watch a video end up making a purchase.
  • Videos 90 seconds long keep 53 percent of viewers engaged.

For these insights, as well as the kinds of videos you can use right away and where to post your video creations, see the full infographic.